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Hint: I’m more than a software developer

Software delivery is hard. There are many tiny details that need to be considered, technologies to master, and business cases to Continuous Integration Workflowlearn. Delivering working software is a huge challenge.

It’s also expensive. A small software development team (2 good developers and a project manager) can easily cost $250,000/year.

Finally, it’s risky. Studies have shown that most project are 6 to 12 months behind schedule and 50 to 100% over budget.

We try to deliver software:

  1. With high quality
  2. On budget
  3. On time

I present topics and give talks to help developers and Agile Managers hit those goals.

This site serves as an information resource for .NET Developers and Agile Managers to get a glimpse into how I work in my capacity as an SDLC auditor. This serves as a starting point for further conversation.

On the .NET Developer side, I focus on two topics:

  • Staying on track
  • Keeping the quality high
  • Working with management

On the Agile Management side:

  • Be efficient (or ruthless)
  • Measure and adjust

There are also some fun articles on the .NET Micro Framework and embedded hardware programming. It’s a side hobby of mine and I love sharing what I’ve learned.


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Pro Office 365 Development

Pro Office365 DevelopmentPro Office 365 Development

This is an excellent book for anyone (developer or user) who needs to learn the full benefits of your Office365 subscription.

I just migrated a client of 30 users from hosted exchange to Office365. This is the book I gave to the chief of operations when he asked “what was so great about Office365?” Within a few hours he was running team sites and some basic workflows.

It’s a tremendous reference with many step-by-step guides and in-depth details.

For developers, this is a great introduction on Office365 development. In addition, it give a good overview of how to write custom code to interact with your Office365 applications.

See the Amazon review.

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