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Why is Software Delivery Challenging?

It's Just Hard

There are many tiny details that need to be considered, technologies to master, and business cases to learn. Delivering working software is a huge challenge.

It's Expensive

A small software development team (2 good developers and a project manager) can easily cost $300,000/year.

It's Risky

Studies have shown that most projects are 6 to 12 months behind schedule and 50 to 100% over budget.

My experience implementing Software Development Life Cycles allows me to accurately estimate and efficiently manage IT projects so they can be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Just imagine high-quality software on budget.
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Establishing an Environment for Success

Software Development Process Review

Reviewing and optimizing your software development process is the best method to increase your team velocity and reduce software development cost.

Agile Implementation

Progressive agile software development process implementation takes experience to lead an organization. I have the experience to lead Agile process improvement for any software development organization.

Software Development Best Practice Implementation

Experienced software developers are critical for product and feature long term value and viability. I have the experience to make informed and experiential decisions to build small- and large-scale software development products.

Staff Coaching

Training team members is critical to Agile success. I work with both development and business teams to implement Agile practices.

Code Review

Software code and architecture reviews reveal software practice and technical improvements which can affect the long-term viability and maintenance costs of existing products.

My Focus

With Software Developers

Staying on track; keeping them focused on the backlog
Maintaining high quality software
Working with management to keep developers productive

For Agile Management

Being efficient or ruthless
Measuring progress and adjusting as needed

Why the Agile Process Works

My software development process has been honed by 25+ years of on-the-keyboard software development. I am thorough, detailed, and provide excellent transparency to the process.

I use my own Agile process when building applications. I've learned to cut waste leading to reduced cost and improved efficiency.

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Many teams claim to be "Agile", but 99% of them are not. Hiring an experienced Agile manager is the only way to achieve repeatable and measurable success.

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