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Software delivery is hard. There are many tiny details that need to be considered, technologies to master, and business cases to learn. Delivering working software is a huge challenge.

It’s also expensive. A small software development team (2 good developers and a project manager) can easily cost $300,000/year.

Finally, it’s risky. Studies have shown that most projects are 6 to 12 months behind schedule and 50 to 100% over budget.

The best software is delivered

  • With high quality

  • On budget

  • On time

  • I help developers and Agile Managers hit those goals.



On the Software Developer side

  • Staying on track
  • Keeping the quality high
  • Working with management

On the Agile Management side

  • Be efficient (or ruthless)
  • Measure and adjust

This site serves as an information resource for Software Developers and Agile Managers to get a glimpse into how I work in my capacity as an SDLC implementor and guide. This serves as a starting point for further conversation.

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