7 Segment LED

7 Segment LED and Gadgeteer

Here I show how to wire up and program a 7 segment LED display and drive it with Gadgeteer. Specifically, I’m using a 7 segment common cathode digital display. Sometimes this is called a 1-bit display because each LED is controlled but a single input pin. For example, to display the number “1”, two pins/LEDs need to be turned on.


The video shows the end result.

This project pretty easy. It’s almost a glorified button/led example. But instead of turning on one LED, you’re turning on several.

I’m using the following components:

  • FEZ Raptor
  • Breadboard X1
  • 7 segment common cathode digital display
  • Button

There are several layouts of digital display. How you wire your display depends on your display. Please check your manufacturer’s documentation. Mine is a simple one from Radio Shack and is pretty common. Here’s my layout:

7 Segment LED Pinout




The common cathode pins should be attached to ground. The other pins are attached to one of the 7 out pins on the X1 breadboard.

The code to run the example is located here: 7SegmentDisplay