Wm Barrett Simms

Work History by Discipline

work history


Macmillan Higher Education
Technical Project Manager // 2018–Current
  • Manage team of software developers, vendors, and internal stakeholders to migrate and upgrade their e-learning platform
  • Direct root cause analysis of pre- and post-production issues
  • Wireframe prototypes and proposed features
  • Develop API swagger documentation for mobile development team
  • Built multiple content sites for e-learning platform
Clear Launch
Director of Software Engineering // 2015–2018
  • Architect and Implement consumer and business facing software
  • Implement SDLC practices
  • Design and develop software utilizing a myriad of technologies
  • Gather business and technical requirements from executive leaders
  • Document and present implementation plans and architecture to key decision makers
  • Create and present cost and revenue projection analysis
  • Technology Platforms: .NET, WebAPI, ASP.MVC, Node, Angular, Express, NoSQL, ElasticSearch
Head of Information Technology // 2014–2015
  • Architect and Implement new Clinical Trial Analysis Program to facilitate clinical trial risk analysis
  • Implement SDLC practice
  • Responsible for IT staff skill enhancement
  • Gather business and technical requirements from executive leaders
  • Document and present implementation plans and architecture to key decision makers
  • Create and present cost and revenue projection analysis
  • Technology platforms: .NET, WebAPI, Angular
Alert Solutions
Software Development Manager // 2013–2014
  • Implement Agile and SDLC processes
  • Lead software team of 7
  • Responsible for tech screens for new hires and final hiring decisions
  • Responsible for software developer training and improvement including: OOD, Unit Testing, Mocking, Continuous Integration, Version Control, and coding best practice
  • Designed and built new product lines including a high-throughput PaaS deployable scheduling service
  • Technology Platforms: .NET, MVC
Technical Delivery Manager // Principal Developer 2011-2013
  • Software development team modernization for Arbella Insurance.
  • Designed and developed commercial auto policy quoting system for Arbella Insurance
  • Implemented new Long-term care insurance products for the desktop and web
  • Created and managed complete SDLC for the team
  • 92% On-time delivery success rate
  • 94% Unit test coverage
  • Technology Platforms: .NET, WebAPI, MVC, WPF, desktop and web, Java
Investment Technology Group
Manager of Software Engineering // 2009-2011
  • Responsible for Agile project management and all day-to-day managerial duties for the ITG Compliance product team
  • Managed all aspects of product lifecycle, from feature definition through customer support
  • Responsible for delegation of all client issues to team members
  • Responsible for all task management and personnel management for developers and QA staff
  • Planned iterations with product management and led planning meetings
  • Maintained automated testing process utilizing CruiseControl, NUnit and Fitnesse
  • Worked closely with QA/PMs to ensure releases were fully tested
  • Worked closely with Documentation Team to ensure software documentation was current
  • Performed as principal developer continuing my previous duties
Principal Software Developer 2006–2009
  • Implemented many new features for the ITG Compliance product.
  • Resolved many issues including performance, thread-safety, database cursors, SQL server reporting, caching solutions
  • Worked with PMs to implement many new features
  • Designed and built an API for the Compliance engine
  • Technology Platforms: .NET, WinForms, ASP.NET
Company Contracts
  • Wellington Management
  • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
  • EMC Microsoft Practice
  • AgencyPort
  • Novartis
  • Presidium Learning
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals
  • FrontRunnerMD


Primary Technologies
  • Dotnet Core
  • .NET platform technologies (versions 1.1 to current)
  • Windows UWP App Store development
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Node / JavaScript
  • Git
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns
  • Performance Tuning
  • SQL Server Reporting
  • SQL Server (versions 2000 to current)
  • NoSQL technologies
  • XML – XSLT – XSD – XPath
  • Multi-threaded programming
  • ElasticSearch
Other Technologies
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Linux
Special Interests
  • Microcontroller and Embedded Programming
  • Performing musician – guitar and vocals


  • Full stack unit testing for JavaScript
  • Big Data Part: Overview
  • Twitter Bootstrap Bootcamp
  • Continuous Integration: Step by Step
  • Software Delivery Metric That Matter
  • Unit Testing and Tools
  • Git and GitHub for .NET Developers
  • Automated build and testing in agile processes
  • Agile management 101
  • Automated build and testing for ITG Compliance
  • NET
  • Log4Net CapeCod.NET Users Group
  • NHibernate for Intermediate Developers


  • Ruthless Meetings – 2013
  • The Cost of Meeting Lurkers – 2012
  • Gadgeteer – 2012 to 2013
  • Don’t know your velocity? You’re not Agile. You’re Fragile! – 2013
  • Developers and Technical Minefields – 2012
  • The folding and structural integrity of the first LIN-12 module of human Notch1 are calcium-dependent. Biochemistry. 1999 Apr 13;38(15):4736-42.


Wellington Management
Software Developer // 2000–2002
Harvard Medical School
Bioinformatics Fellow // 1998–2000
Whitehead Institute/MIT/Stanford
Technical Research Specialist II // 1996–1998


  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer for .NET (MCSD.NET)
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET (MCAD.NET)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Certified Linux Administrator


Harvard Medical School

Post-Graduate Studies – Genetics // 1996 – 1998
Studied Biochemistry and Genetics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Concentrated on the application of computer science in solving biological problems.

Whitehead Institute/MIT and Stanford

Technical Research Specialist II 1996–1998

Boston University

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology // 1992 – 1996
Graduated with a concentration on Physical Biochemistry. Strongly focused on the interface between computer science and life sciences.