Big Data Bootcamp: What Managers Need to Know to Profit from the Big Data Revolution

Big Data BootcampBig Data Bootcamp

What Managers Need to Know to Profit from the Big Data Revolution

Big Data Bootcamp aims at anyone who wants/needs to make a business case for a Big Data implementation. It is filled with excellent research on how many companies have used Big Data to become grow size and revenue. It reviews how companies like Amazon and Google have turned to Big Data to solve their own unique problems and resulted in becoming Big Data service providers.

David Feinleib covers the current landscape of service providers, consumers, and the key terms any executive should know without becoming overly technical.

At times, the book does feel repetitive with examples. However, it’s likely an attempt to reinforce the case that Big Data is here and companies need to adopt it or get left behind.

Some interesting later chapters are on analysis of Big Data and the vendors in that space. The book does an excellent job of tying Big Data and visualization together. It stress the importance of needing people who specialize in analyzing and interpreting the data.

One notable omission: Microsoft is rarely mentioned even though they have been providing visualization and data solutions for decades. With Azure and HDInsight, Microsoft has brought a very compelling cloud-based Hadoop offering to the space.

Overall, I would recommend this to any who need to know about Big Data and how it’s changing corporate decision making.

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