Intellectual Façade Generator

  • Are you fascinated by the technical and professional jargon people use?
  • Do you wish you had intelligent sounding phrases you could rip off to impress your friends and coworkers?
  • Do you wish you had the power to induce glassy-eyed expressions of amazement when you speak?
  • In short, do you need to sound smart without having a clue?

Use the Intellectual Façade Generator! You don’t need to have a technical degree or deep business experience. Just press a button and the IFG will generate phrases you can use in any situation where you need to boost your intellectual standing amongst your peers.

You too can have your own phrases such as:

  • Big proactive machine targeted learning analytics
  • Formalized deep artificial parsing
  • Deep analytic big velocity
  • Formalized intelligent parsing
  • Risk based tactical outcomes

Don’t settle for mediocrity in yourself. Get a few phrases and start impressing people today!

The software is currently below as a concept. I’m currently looking for synergistic investment opportunities to disrupt the modern intelligent façade generation paradigms. Please contact me if you have a physical based monetary concrete structure and understand risk assessment pattern intelligence and rapid tactical deployment network strategies. We can make this happen.

The software is here: Intellectual Façade Generator