Learn C++ for Game Development

Learn C++ For Game Development

Learn C++ for Game Development

I program a lot in different languages. However, I’ve never really had a need to program in C++. Recently, due to a project requirement, I needed to write in C++. I was looking for a concise, and still informative guide. I really needed something that would allow me to ramp up to writing C++ in a very short time.

I bought several books and decided to focus on this one after reading the first chapter. I doesn’t cover every tiny detail of the C++ language. It does cover the most important. The “learn by writing a game” is more interesting in this book than others. The author specifically discusses some nuances of game development that a more general book might omit (memory management).

The only thing it’s missing is how to use a specific IDE/compiler. It would take an absolute newbie about an hour to work around this though.

I highly recommend this as an intro book or if you need to ramp up quickly.

See the Amazon review.