GMorse Morse code using Gadgeteer

Morse code with Gadgeteer

Who loves flashing and beeping? Everyone! Here’s an example of Morse code with Gadgeteer. Use this project to teach microcontroller programming and Morse code at the same time. Even the adults seem to like the flashing and the beeping. It’s fun to send simple words and who can decipher it first. You’ll be amazed at how fast kids pick up being able to decipher Morse code in their heads.

Here’s an example with “Hi there” (warning… audio beeps):

Source is here:

The wiring is very simple. You need:

  • A microcontroller
  • A breadboard
  • An LED
  • A piezo speaker

Learning the rules for morse code is most of the fun. Wikipedia has a great article on but the rules are simple.

  1. The length of a dot it one unit
  2. A dash is three units
  3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit
  4. The space between letters is three units
  5. The space between words is seven units

The code is pretty simple for this:

Once you have this, you just need to write the dots and dashes for each letter:



A fun improvement would be allow to change the delayInterval and see how fast you can read Morse.

The TouchKeyboard project is here:

NB: I’m using a custom version of Gadgeteer.dll in this example for the screen. There’s a defect DisplayModule.cs