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My Developer Ops

How I work

I make good decisions

I am required to make good decisions on behalf of the clients. Uniquely, this necessitates me, as a technology expert, to asses myself and my work objectively and qualitatively on behalf of the clients.

I deliver software which is maintainable

I use battle hardened tools and languages. I won’t always be on the bleeding edge of technology. However, my technology choices will allow my work to survive well into the future.

I have pride in my work

I am not afraid of showing others out work. I welcome code review and the opportunity to explain my decisions.

I can explain things clearly

I write code, documentation, email and IMs clearly. Verbally, I’m just as good. Good communication is a critical skill in any consulting business. Cluttered explanations lead to cluttered code.

I value my process and actively improve it

I follow a standard process which enables me to deliver high quality software on-time. I’m constantly looking ways to delivery better software faster.

I work from the top down

I work with clients to prioritize stories. The client can change the priority but I will complete any work that is in progress. This ensure the critical features are completed while nice-to-have features are reconsidered.

I only work on one thing at a time

Working on one item at a time ensures that I complete my work. This is how I guarantee features are complete on delivery. Also, this is how we measure progress.

I complete work

Claiming work is done when it is not complete is intellectually dishonest. It’s either done or not done. Done means it the story has been tested on all platforms, code reviewed, committed, and marked completed in the iteration.