Range Sensing Camera

GHI released range sensing module using the HC-SR04.  I had previously purchased an HC-SR04 and tried using a breadboard for it. My non-GHI HC-SR04 didn’t work well.  At best it would only work within an 6-20cm range.  The GHI module looks very different and works well from 6 to 250cm.

To test the module, I created a simple range sensing camera.  The camera will only take pictures if an object moves within a 50 -100cm of the sensor.

This full solution can be found on my Gadgeteer GitHub repository.

As usual, the setup is fairly simple:

Range Sensing Camera Setup

Assembly is equally easy

I setup a simple timer which gets the distance from the range sensor. I write the distance to the console to ensure the range sensing works. The rest of the code is standard camera capture code.

        void timer_Tick(GT.Timer timer)
            int distance = distance_US3.GetDistanceInCentimeters(5);
            Debug.Print("Distance : " + distance);
            if (distance > 50 && distance < 100)
                if (camera.CameraReady)

This module is trivial to use and works very well. If you’re looking for a range sensing module the GHI module is your best bet for ease of use.