Range Sensing Camera

GHI released range sensing module using the HC-SR04.  I had previously purchased an HC-SR04 and tried using a breadboard for it. My non-GHI HC-SR04 didn’t work well.  At best it would only work within an 6-20cm range.  The GHI module looks very different and works well from 6 to 250cm.

To test the module, I created a simple range sensing camera.  The camera will only take pictures if an object moves within a 50 -100cm of the sensor.

This full solution can be found on my Gadgeteer GitHub repository.

As usual, the setup is fairly simple:

Range Sensing Camera Setup

Assembly is equally easy

I setup a simple timer which gets the distance from the range sensor. I write the distance to the console to ensure the range sensing works. The rest of the code is standard camera capture code.

This module is trivial to use and works very well. If you’re looking for a range sensing module the GHI module is your best bet for ease of use.