Syncfusion NuGet Sources

Syncfusion Essential Studio Community Edition is Syncfusion’s offering for individuals and small businesses. It’s a free and massive array of tools which will really improve your time to market and UI. Among other tools, they provide UI tools for WPF and JavaScript. Luckily for us, Syncfusion provides a NuGet server which allows us to use NuGet for dependency, package management, and easy upgrades.

This is a brief article showing how to add WPF libraries to your project using the Syncfusion NuGet sources. However, the steps are the same for any of the Syncfusion offerings (JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, etc.).  The steps are easy and provide teams with a much better experience than installing everything on your local machine

Register for a Syncfusion Community Edition license

Go to Syncfusion and register for a license. You will need to create an account.

Add the Syncfusion NuGet source to your project

Log into the Syncfusion NuGet site and copy the WPF url

Syncfusion Nuget

Open the NuGet settings under Tools from the main toolbar

Settings Location
Add the Syncfusion NuGet source

NuGet Sources

Add Syncfusion Tools to your WPF project

Add the NuGet package Syncfusion.Tools.WPF to your project

Syncfusion Tools


You’re done! Happy easy dependency management!