Top 5 companies where I’d love to work

I’m a developer. Fortunately for me, I love writing code. At the same time, most companies where I work are not technology companies but service companies. I sometimes day-dream about working for a pure technology company. I would love to build technical products for developers. I’m grateful these companies exist. They make my career easier everyday. Here’s my list of the top 5 companies where I’d love to work.

  1. Gnoso – makers of NCover
  2. Syncfusion
  3. JetBrains
  4. ElasticSearch
  5. GHI Electronics

#1 Gnoso – the makers of NCover
NCover is the most important code quality tool any developer can use. It is worth every penny. The product is amazing. In addition, the company is excellent at testing and quality evangelism. They are amazingly helpful to developers. This is arguably the most important .NET development tool since Visual Studio.

#2 Syncfusion – the makers of Essential Studio
Syncfusion makes developer tools and controls. Aside from their excellent controls, what sets Syncfusion apart from their competitors is their incredible support of the developer community. They provide amazing benefits for developers:

  • Open source licenses for most of their tools
  • Free ebooks (Essential series)
  • Special pricing for hobbyist developers

#3 Jetbrains – the makers of ReSharper
Jetbrains makes many developer tools for multiple languges (PHP, Ruby). Their performance profiling tools are amazing. However, in the .NET world, they’re most known for ReSharper. ReSharper is probably the most most installed productivity tool for .NET developers. It so good that you don’t realize how much you depend on it… until you sit down at a Visual Studio install with out it. Their commitment to providing excellent developer tools is amazing.

#4 Elasticsearch – You know, for search
Elasticsearch makes Elasticsearch. 🙂 It’s an open-source Big Data search engine. The technology is so cool and useful that I’m grateful every time I get to use it. I don’t attend many conferences but Elasticon is one I’m attending. Although, Elasticsearch isn’t specifically a developer tool or targeted to .NET developers, they have an excellent .NET interface (NEST)

#5 GHI Electronics
Most of you won’t know GHI Electronics. They’re innovators in the Internet of Things for .NET developers. GHI builds hardware compatible with .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) and Gadgeteer. Developers writing .NET for the Internet of Things should be following GHI. The GHI community is very helpful and friendly. Their user forums are extremely active. GHI is one of the few companies which rewards community participation. You can actually earn discounts and credits towards the purchase of hardware and modules.