Top 5 Free Tools for Business

I’ve helped many different small and medium size companies get started or improve their business processes. Many companies are looking for good tools which are easy to use with minimal or no cost. Here are the top 5 free tools for business I use and implement to help with communication, projects, and client management.

SugarCRM Community Edition

Are you always looking for contact information in emails, text, IMs, or your phone? Are you asking co-workers and employees for status updates on communication with clients? Do you need to centralize information on clients and prospects? Sugar is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool which enables all this. It’s well documented and easy to use with minimal training required. What makes it even better?… You can get a free Azure account and run SugarCRM hosted for free.

Rally Community Edition

Rally is excellent for managing projects. It is not for the faint of heart though. Expect to spend quite a bit of time learning good business and project management practices. The effort will pay off enormously though with better communication for your entire team.


You need OneDrive if you’re sharing files. You get 15G for free with unlimited file sizes. You can setup private and read-only shares. It integrates excellent with Office. Lastly, it’s available on every platform.


There are many instant messaging platforms out there. Skype offers screen sharing, group chat, private chat, calls to phones, browser integration, outlook integration, and so many more features. It’s also available on just about every device on the planet.


This on-line meeting product is very easy to use. It has a modern interface and is very lightweight on your computer. Feature include screensharing, speaker highlighting, group chat, private chat, and many others. They offer free and paid tiers but, for your small business, the free tier is very good.